Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Away from Home

I received a last minute call from my boss asking me to travel to south Florida one more time for the beginning of the school year, so I threw some things in a suitcase and hopped a rather long flight across the US of A.

It's a fun job that I have, though once I arrived everything sort of fell apart here and I've been working like a mad woman to put it all back together. 

Tsk. Tsk.

My body clock is completely off.  I'm up and out by 5:30am and by 5:00pm...well, this is my world.  A rather huge hotel room (a suite, actually) and me in my pj's.  Supper the other night?  Popcorn, m&m's, a glass of wine and a good movie.

Exciting stuff, eh?

I finally caved and went into a dunkin donuts.  It was...ok.

The sunrise though?  Perfect.  

And then there's the weather here.  108 with 81% humidity.

My work?

Outside, in the heat of the day.

My cell actually shut off due to overheating...I've never had that happen before.


Tomorrow is my final day final push to get things up and running.  I've trained the people who will be running the program and I'm pretty confident that they will do a great job.  I miss my family LOTS, even though this was the perfect week for me to be gone since everyone is super busy.  Matteo has been home this week and he's been running the show...that one is a catch, ladies.  Except he's already been caught, so never mind.


And then there's my guy in the middle who posts pictures of himself doing this: 

Thanks, honey.

Makes the tuba in my kitchen seem like not such a big deal.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

He Said, She Said

That guy that I like so much was out of town for a few days and he texted this picture to me and said:

I wish you were here.

I received it and immediately replied:

I wish I was, too.

His view definitely trumped mine.


Too crazy of a day getting lots of things done, so take out for dinner.  While I am loving the banter that happens when all my boys are home together,  I am currently staring at tons of football gear and a tuba that is in the corner of my kitchen.

Football I get, but pretty sure no one in my family plays the tuba??

I don't have the heart to ask right now, so I'm not.  


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

And Just Like That...

...summer has come to an end.



I do have to say, this one has been a good one.


 The last week was lived to the fullest which is actually the way the end of summer should be.

That being said, we're all squeezing in a bit of afternoon snooze time because re-entry is quite tiring.  

My cousin Tim came to town and hung with us for the weekend.  He's a foodie kinda guy, so we ate (a lot) and had a few cocktails and just basically hung out...but he did get to experience a little garden party.

We might have scarred him.  Or scared him.  Or both.

Our crew around these parts?  A bit...ummmm, crazy.  And loud.  

My peeps do make life rather memorable.


With that guy that I like so much back at work, our grilling days are coming to an end...and it's a major bummer because he has seriously perfected tuscan style chickens.  

Not ready to say goodbye to this meal yet.

There's been a chill in the air the last few nights and we've even flipped on the heaters in the garden once the sun goes down.  I'm ready for a lot of things that Fall brings...suppers cooked in the oven, my favorite long sweater,  the routine that comes with the sun setting earlier, hot tea and hot baths.

But I am going to miss long nights spent in the garden...long nights that turned into long mornings because we are kinda sorta bums during the summer months.

I love being a bum.


I, like many many others, have been so saddened by the death of Robin Williams.  It's so easy to think that money makes things easier, that fame and it's perks make things better...but real life problems happen to real life people no matter what your world looks like.

And it's absolutely heartbreaking.

 And so today I am holding my loves a little closer and hugging them a little tighter.  I'm trying to be thankful for today and trying hard to not worry about what tomorrow might bring.

And today?  I'm thankful for much.

Three boys who are all home for the next week or so.
A late night movie with them last night.
Leftover pot roast.
A cousin who flew half way across the country for a visit.
Fun music.
A sweet pup (who got into the trash last night).
Candles.  Lots and lots of candles.

That guy that I like so much was away last night on retreat but is back home tonight.  Matthew is home from his summer excursion and is gearing up for a move out of state in a few weeks.  Alex is home from a long weekend away with friends and is sleeping...a lot.  I'm working a little bit this week, mainly from home, but am traveling out of state all next week.

Our little house is, quite honestly, a bit of a mess.  Two of my three are really, really, really good at spreading the wealth...meaning they leave lots of evidence in every room where they have been.  That works just fine in college life but tends to drive the mama at home a bit crazy...but then I take myself back to my thankful list.

I'm happy they are all home.  Really, really happy.


Monday, August 4, 2014

Ants In My Pants

The very last full weekend of summer vacation has come and gone.  I'm almost in shock that summer went so quickly this year but come tomorrow, I'll be helping to motivate my team to get ready for the coming school year.

But first there will be coffee.  Sadly...we're out, which means I have to go buy some in the morning.

Oh well.

Truth is...I'm antsy.  I'm not quite sure why but I am.  I think maybe it's the lack of any type of schedule that's caught up to me.  Or maybe I'm just tired.  Or maybe it's because I'm in that in between place...the place where I know summer is ending and the school year is beginning.  I'm feeling like there are lots of things that should be done but haven't been and my motivation seems to be on the back burner.

Tell me I'm not alone?

Summer means lots of comings and goings in our little house on our little street and maybe that's where my antsy-ness comes into play too.  Matthew has been traveling the country and each morning it's a guessing game as to which state he and his drum and bugle corps are in.  (New York, today.  Indiana tomorrow.) Alex is gone more than he's here...and at the age of almost 21, that's what he should be doing.  

And then there's Brian, who's social calendar puts ours to shame.  Bottom line...I'm a bit tired and scatter brained just trying to keep up.  

The thing is...I'm not complaining.  Long ago when my life was quiet, painfully quiet, I wished for this.  For a family life that was full and busy and noisy and messy.  I dreamed of this.

To me, this is complete.

That being said, complete brings with it a certain amount of exhaustion.  


As we sat in church this morning I was looking around at all the other families.  It's so easy to compare ourselves to others:  does that Mom have it all together?  Her kids sure look well groomed.  Does that family juggle bills like we do?  Are there engine lights on in two of their cars, too?  That couple looks happy....I hope he treats her the way mine treats me.

My thoughts should have been on the cross.  On salvation.  On communion.  It took me a long time to get to that place in my mind this morning.  On the way home I was telling that guy that I like so much that I just couldn't focus; I couldn't seem to take the 'me me me' out of the equation.

I don't like that feeling.

So I came home and threw on my shoes and in the heat and humidity of the afternoon, I went for a hike.  Quiet music, no friends, no phone.  Just me, with the intent of talking my thoughts out to God, of asking for forgiveness, of asking for a bit of redirection.

I did all that.  And I'm still waiting.  And that's ok.

We've started a new series, having caught up with House Of Cards,  called Sherlock.  Love, love, loving's quirky and interesting and funny.  The lime tree is exploding with limes so our latest cocktail is one of my faves...caipirinha's.  The humidity here is rivaling Brazil, so it seems fitting of late.  

Suppers have been typical summer: lots and lots and lots of things on the grill.  The garden is so pretty right now...hoping to squeeze in a few more parties before we all start back to real life.

So here we are.  It's Monday morning.  Happy new week, everyone.


Monday, July 28, 2014

Things I'm Loving

I've been in a rather grumpy place lately...a combination of feeling overwhelmed and unorganized and maybe even a little jealous (of situations, not things, believe it or not) have caused me to be a bit of a 'Pig Won't'.  Did you ever read that Richard Scarry book to your kids?  I've always loved his books...especially the big purple cars and trucks one.

So today I decided to become a 'Pig Will' again.  I woke up and had some quiet time.  Met a girlfriend for a long, hard hike.  Cleaned my bedroom.  Caught up on laundry...and made $50 doing it.  

Oh, how I love when people forget to empty their pockets.


So here is my happy list for the day:

1. My big garden.  It's actually not the best garden I've had, but every other day this is what I'm coming home with.  Those black russian heirloom tomatoes?  They make the best BLT's.

2. My baby.  He is just...well, he's a love.  Seriously, he was born with the sweetest of personalities and it has yet to fade away.  His 16th birthday is looming and my heart is aching just a bit...these mothering years are so much a part of who I am, but I am loving every single day that I still get to be hands on.

3. Mornings with that guy that I like so much.  It's been a good summer.  Lots of big trips and little trips and no trips...but the best part has been the mornings.  Driving here and there and everywhere but first?  Coffee in our favorite mugs.

4. The little garden.  The grapes this year are sweet, as are the figs.  

5. Florida.  Oh, how I loved it there.  It just felt tropical and the people were so nice and that warm water.  BUT...I love my coast more because, well, it's home.  

6. Team Wersch.  A blending of our best friends from college and our last name...they have 3 girls all about my boys ages and they love each other so much.  It's 2nd generation best friends.  I had hoped for a marriage but they are more like cousins...but there is still a slim chance it could happen if the babies cooperate.  Right now they aren't.


7. Grilled veggies.  Throw in grilled meat and pizza and anything else you can think of.  I'm not ready for it to end.  Yet.  But doesn't a pot roast sound good, too?

8.  My bigs.  Life is just more fun when they are all 3 together.  Most of the time.  Something always ends up broken and the volume level is deafening but I sure do like them.  A lot.  But seriously...will they ever out grow the touching each other thing?  They are both in their 20's for goodness sake.  

Stop. Touching. Each. Other.

If only I had a dollar for every time I said that under my breath while smiling because we were in public????

9. The babe is driving.  He's actually a really good driver...and he'll be the first to tell you so.


While I love my role as the mom who drives...the whole idea of him being able to drive himself to school at 5:30am is currently outweighing the negatives.

Well, I'm off to the gym.  Time to get back to the grind.  Supper tonight?  Still not sure.  I've got a fridge full of food...leaning towards a simple pasta with sausage and broccoli.  The heat followed us home from Florida so the AC is on and a light supper sounds pretty good.  


Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Other Disney

I've been MIA around these parts lately...literally.  We took a rather last minute little trip to the other side of the country and were lucky enough to sneak in a day at Disney World.  Kinda crazy since we are annual pass holders in CA but life is short and it has been on the bucket we went for it.

BTW, their fast pass system rocks.  Catch on CA.  Soon.

I had a work trip to Florida and that guy that I like so much tagged along.  Total role reversal for us.  I worked hard...but then I played hard, too.  


 Work was busy but I was able to get it all done and have time to play...we went to Disney and ate at great restaurants and played in the warm ocean and just had a really fun time.  Plus...I flew business class and let me say this:  it's gonna be really hard to go back to the cheap seats.  BUT...if I ever want to travel for fun I'll have to.  Oh well.

We came home to a rather, ummm, lived in house.  Let's smelled a bit like a frat house, a zoo and a locker room all rolled up into one.



To their future wives...I'm sorry.  I did my best but now they are your problem.


And now?  Now I am really ready for everyone to return to work and school so that I can return our lives to some sort of a schedule.  This summer...between Europe and Florida, well, I'm ready for a bit of routine.  And, if I must say it, a bit of alone time, too.

Just a bit.  Long enough to watch a Hallmark movie without male commentary would be nice.


I've missed this place and the time I spend writing about our daily stuff.  Boring to most, but it means something to me.  Lots more pictures to come this week but in the meantime...the above picture is of my favorite meal of all times.  Yum.  I could eat that same meal day in and day out.  Of course I'd have to hike an extra 3 hours every day but let me just say...totally worth it.

All my boys were home for two nights...Matthew flew in from Alabama for the week but is spending most of that time with Bri (his girlfriend), who lives in Las Vegas.  Fun having them all home together....the house is definitely louder and fuller and poorer (they eat a lot!) but it's also a pretty fun place to be.

Summer're treating us well.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

More Summer Randomness

1. Tonight, TONIGHT, is our very last summer basketball game.  I thought I'd be happier...I mean, they have all been at dinnertime and are 30 minutes away.  But they've been fun...Brian has really come into his own and is anchoring this team and I'm loving watching him play.

Before you think we will have loads of free season officially starts next week.

FYI...the coach in the plaid shorts?  He's 7 ft tall.  For reals.


2. We've come to realize that we are not big TV watchers.  Sports, yes...I mean, I do have a houseful of boys.  But rarely do we watch regular shows unless they are recorded.  We're loving Netflix lately and are watching new to us series this summer.  That guy that I like so much tried to cancel most of our cable package but everything is so intertwined that it'll end up costing us more money to have less.

Go figure.

And then, after I complained a good bit about that, I found a good movie on HBO.

It's meant to be.

3. That guy that I like so much makes the BEST lunch salads ever.  Seriously.  They are always different and amazing.  

I'm not ready for him to go back to work.  I love me my summer salads.

4. Finally....we cleaned out our closet.  He got rid of 5 old polos and I got rid of 1 shirt BUT everything is now folded and hung and neatly put away.

Whew.  I was worried we wouldn't get anything accomplished this summer.

5. I'm normally a Bon Appetit reader but was just gifted this magazine and I absolutely love it.  Full of stories and really good articles.  I haven't tried any recipes from it yet (it just came yesterday) but I'm hoping to soon.

It's been gloomy sunshine for the last few days.  I'm hoping it burns off today so I can spend a little time outside in the warm sun in between Brian's school and practice and game.  Leaning towards meatloaf and mac n cheese for dinner...seems like a good night to give the grill a rest.  

Happy Wednesday.


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